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W. 'Sandy' Solomon, ChFC, CLU, RICP

W. 'Sandy' Solomon, ChFC, CLU, RICP

Retirement Planning Specialist, Financial Consultant

After 28 years of industry experience and careful observation, these conclusions seem inescapable to us but may not be obvious to people seeking financial advice;

  • Successful investing has little to do with investments or the markets, but is instead a matter of human belief and behavior.
  • Taxes, inflation, longevity and volitility are the real risks for today's investor.
  • The markets are not the problem; they are the solution to the problem.

I joined Equitable Advisors in 1996 'to assist people I care for in the creation and implementation of a plan in pursuit of personal financial freedom'. I'll do everything possible to see that our friends and clients don't outlive their resources, disinherit or fail to educate their children, or live with the regret of past financial mistakes.

Throughout my career I have worked with a wide variety of clients, from college students just starting out, to successful business owners ready for the transition into retirement. I know from personal experience the value of a financial plan and would be honored to help you create or evaluate yours.

Utilizing well tested strategies, we view all money as 'serious money'. There is no minimum net worth requirement to establish a new account, but we do insist on having a relationship with every client. We believe that relationships built on trust stand the test of time, and our commitment and integrity can never be in question.

If you are ready to think seriously about your future, we are ready to help you take the right steps.